Today you've taken the first step towards being intentional.   Intentional about what you want.   If you are a working professional and your life feels as if it is spinning out of control, then you need to see me.   I will help you to focus, rediscover who you are, and live in your truth with no apologies.  

I'm the Mental Health Therapist that takes you from hopeless and being stuck to being healed and unstoppable!  Self doubt and pressure to be what others want you to be is an unhealthy combination.  Your negative self talk sends you on a triggering path through darkness with constant pitfalls that seem to confirm your worthlessness.  I help you to identify those triggers, and teach you when and how to apply the reset button to get you over and through those pain points to find peace and motivation.

CEO's, Essential Workers, Attorney's, even Therapist's, grapple with doing your job effectively while trying to manage your own emotions around CoVid19, Racism, and Personal Issues. When was the last time someone asked if YOU were ok? How often do you wish you could have done more for a client, patient, or friend? You've probably become emotionally fatigued and lost. Maybe you've struggled with finding, accepting, and loving yourself. Have you ever felt misunderstood?  And then wondered if the problem was...you?  You want to be heard, understood, validated, and supported. You want answers.  Let's talk.



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