I see clients for multiple reasons.  Below are some of the common issues many are experiencing.  We address these and more.  Here at GaWTC, we address everything from a holistic whole body approach.  With your participation, we examine every area of your life seeking answers, truth, acceptance.  Helping you to embrace those parts of you that you have avoided acknowledging for far too long.  Discovering those pockets of you that you were too afraid to see.  Teaching you to love yourself deeply and forgive freely.

Individual Therapy – Anxiety, Depression, Isolation, Fears, Career Concerns, Imposter Syndrome, Addiction.

Couples Therapy – Conflict resolution, Communication Skills, Intimacy, Fertility, Exploration, and Validation.

Family Therapy – Toxic Family Dynamics, Identifying Cycles and Patterns, Parenting, Teamwork

Group Therapy – Personal Growth, Feeling Overwhelmed, Compassion Fatigue, Pandemic Fatigue, Business Growth, Workaholic, Self Worth, Not Being True to Self, Living for Others and not for Self.  High performing yet rarely enjoying the benefits of your labor.


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