Helloooo Good People!

Welcome to my new site.  Through blogging, I will invite you into my world of mental health therapy. Here you will receive nuggets of inspiration, understanding, empowerment, and acceptance.  You will have moments when you agree with what you read, or maybe… not so much.  Therapy isn’t always pretty, popular, and poised!  Sometimes it gets tense, dark, and heavy.  It is through those times, that you will have your most significant breakthroughs.  I encourage you to sit in those moments and not flee to avoid the pain.  My hope is that something I post will resonate with you and cause you to have multiple “aha” moments that create triggers to motivate you through a personal healing process, as well as lots of self-acceptance for where you are now in your life.  You cannot truly begin to heal until you are aware of your current truth and choose to support growth and understanding.

I offer you a place to share what is necessary to get you to a place of “Happy”. If you are not already a client, please consider obtaining my services.  I want to help you.  Oh, and go ahead and subscribe to my blog.  It’s a start in the right direction.  🙂